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Los mejores asesores expertos de forex para MT4 Robots comprobados en cuentas reales en MT4, con sistemas y algoritmos ganadores únicos de Zacks Stock Screener is a best in class tool for helping you find the right stocks for your investment

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Past performance is not indicative of future results. Trading may expose you to risk of loss greater than your deposits and is only suitable for experienced investors who have sufficient financial means to bear such risk. PRC is also now on YouTube, subscribe to our channel for exclusive content and tutorials. Hi, Thanks for posting this, I downloaded your first version of Better Volume and it works really well.

So I tried loading your second version when I saw the link and although the file is described as my-better-volume Am I doing something wrong, or is it possible the link on your post contains the previous file and not the new one? Hi Tony, just seen your message. Its a bit of a funny system on here you cant just add your own indicators and stuff without it going through a moderator first.

Here is the code im using mate, keep it simple: Register Login connect with Facebook. Nicolas 3 hours ago. Nicolas 1 day ago. Phase change index PCI cycle phase. Vonasi 2 days ago. Floating Mean Reversal Equity Indicator equity curve mean reversal mean reversion simulated trades. Nicolas 2 days ago. TrendNoTrend Indicator flat trend linear regression slope statistical trend. But seems to take into account only bull trend. Louis Winthorp III 1 week ago. Matt B Thank you Louis. I just download, Which system do you recommend?

This indicator has helped me a lot, has tried to get the RSI 30 extracted in the g Nicolas 2 weeks ago. ALE 2 weeks ago. Toto le Heros Very interresting indeed.

But which preferences to select in the indicator in order to displ And you will notice, they are in control. Targets on weekly level , but manage risk on daily level Have a Great day everyone.

Someone start to sell all his position. And when we pass And now, in litle consolidation. Buyers are probably asking what they just did How ever, No direction for me now. And thank you for your comments. Have a great trading day I'm neutral on real-trade" MoneyMakerEdge. Watch the post made by Joel about Bond. Thank you and have a Great Cristmass. I call Long, but of course i won't take it if they don't fix the fiscal Cliff I say Call Long, but, I need a clear confirmation to take this trade on Monday I don't like the fact there are to many consolidation possibility..

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Nial, Do you designate a bar an inside bar based upon using the wicks of both the mother bar and the following bar or do you just use the bodies of the two bars to make this determination? They are not personal or investment advice nor a solicitation to buy or sell any financial instrument.

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