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Regularly updated foreign exchange rates. The exchange rates are updated daily and are indicative rates for walk-in customers to an FNB Zambia branch. Final rates may differ due to changing market conditions or the amount of the Foreign exchange rates and pricing - FNB. Foreign exchange solutions to suit your personal or business needs from FNB. Botswana Lesotho Ghana Namibia Swaziland Tanzania Zambia Channel Islands. Close. Talk to us + important numbers For Me For My Business For more information contact our Forex Advisory Team on 1 FOREX

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Botswana Lesotho Ghana Namibia Swaziland Tanzania Zambia Channel Islands. Close. Talk to us + important numbers FNB Forex offers a range of foreign exchange solutions to suit your needs; whether you are travelling, sending or receiving money globally, saving in a foreign currency with a Global Account, managing imports and exports, or

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Clement Mwila Precious Bobo Charles Sampule Double Double General Dealers. Kiboko Please note on your third failed attempt your profile will be blocked. This digital banking solution offers a wide range of services.

Online Banking allows you to make online payments, transfer funds between your accounts, view your accounts and balances, and let someone know that you have paid them. Once you have registered on Online Banking and created your profile, you can add other users to your profile and assign various permissions to these users such as View permissions and transacting limits.

Scheduled payments to automatically pay your recipients, even when you're offline. Other ways to apply. Payments are effected before goods are shipped and are made on a "cash with order" basis via electronic SWIFT transfers. This allows you to receive international payments; simply provide the remitter bank with your account number as well as FNB's international SWIFT code: For further information, please refer to the downloadable PDF link below. Global payment and receipts steps. When doing cross-border transactions refer to the balance of payments category codes listed below.

View the BoP codes for outward transactions. View the BoP codes for inward transactions. Online payments for these types of payments are processed via the SWIFT method of transferring funds; which guarantees a secure transfer of funds to bank accounts all over the world. When an exceptionally high level of trust exist between the importer and exporter, then remittance of funds in this instance is normally effected before goods are dispatched, received, or the service has been rendered.

This can be done via the following solutions offered by FNB. Verify all documents and process the payment with an exchange rate that best suits you. Provide you with expert guidance and assistance from an exchange control point of view. Upload documents online, while you perform your transactions, thus eliminating unnecessary paperwork and standing in queues. Process your payment electronically via SWIFT ensuring that your funds reach their destination safely and securely.

Once your documents have met Exchange Control requirements; the payment may reach the beneficiary within 2 working days. This system of reporting is called balance of payments reporting or BoP reporting for short. Note that some codes also have additional sub-category codes. Other ways to apply. Documentation for advance payment. Documentation for open account payment. Documentation for global receipts. What would you like to do? Need help with the process? Menu Bank Lifestyles Services Bank better.

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